The story behind

It all started when Zdenko Oliver Santini was in attending 8th grade, and it became the norm to wear a bicycle helmet in his Danish hood. Zdenko thought the regular bicycle helmets was boring to look at. So, with the help of some cardboard, glue and plenty of creativity, he made the very first version of what was going to become Crazy Safety helmets in the future.

Years later, he teamed up with the well-known company ABUS (August Bremicker und Söhne) and their Nordic CEO Kim Møller-Nielsen, who was able to bring life to the helmets with the team. The first model was launched in 2009 and since the products has been improved and become even more ‘live’ due to new techniques. Several other accessories have been launched as well.

In 2018, Zdenko and Kim took over the rights to Crazy Safety and launched New Shape as a startup company, changing to an e-commerce (end user) perspective.

Crazy Safety products have sold more than 1 million units throughout the world since the launch. There has been a lot of school kids using a product, Zdenko created in his childhood.

Dreams come true!

The company

We have established a company which we love to work in. We have room for fun and at the same time serious attitude with the right people no matter where they are. We believe in multiple remote locations bringing the rights skills into the company.

We have some unique skills internally creating useful products. We want always to be better today than we were yesterday, and therefore we are on the constant look for new systems or integrations, which automizes our work procedures. Therefore, we love tools as Integromat, AirTable, Slack and Zapier because time is saved from boring repeatedly task instead of bringing more new value to the company.

We want to be one of the best in the world maneuvering with our own products on various sales channels throughout the world.

The A-Team


The creative designer and inventor of the Crazy Safety helmets, Zdenko Oliver Santini is a partner and CEO of Crazy Safety. Creative development and thinking outside the box.


With a past as a fighter pilot with strong project management skills, Casper is the perfect COO to have in Crazy Safety. Has a strong focus on marketing and online marketplaces.


With 20+ years of experience within the field of product invention, development and management, Kim is the perfect partner to have in any business involving product innovation.

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